Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Late Summer Evening at Lake Brandt

I'm not trying to make this an extension of the Weather Channel, but with the changing weather and all these strong fronts coming through, it makes for some pretty dramatic snapshots.

This is down at the Lake Brandt Marina, just a mile or so north of my house. For those who are not at all familiar with Greensboro, this is the second of our public water reservoirs. The first is Lake Higgins to the west, then Lake Brandt and finally our largest, Lake Townsend. The water flows from reservoir to reservoir in a stair-step fashion using gravity.

The city has made all three into city parks with walking and mountain biking trails circling the perimeters. You can also fish at all three (they are kept stocked and Lake Higgins has a fish hatchery) or rent canoes or kayaks. At Lake Townsend you can also rent a Sunfish sail boat if you wish. The only thing you cannot do is swim at the three lakes since it provides Greensboro with its drinking water.


Susan said...

gorgeous !! weather & sky photos always fascinate me xo S & les Gang

Anyes said...

Taking these kinds of snapshots I'd say you are definitely NOT the weather channel ;-)

frayedattheedge said...

I love your sky photos - they are always so dramatic!!

Val said...

Thank you for remembering me! It was lovely to receive your message and yes, I hope to persevere with the blog in future. Retirement looms at the end of the year and then I plan to really get cracking on recording my new surroundings in Betty's Bay.

Karen said...

Susan: Well, I love your shots of Les Gang especially Oliver channeling Maru.

Anyes: I have to control myself or I'd post nothing but clouds when the weather is changing like this.

Anne: And it brings dramatic weather. Right now we are waiting to see if we will get the remnants of the hurricane that is probably going to hit Florida.

Val: Just glad to see you back and blogging. South Africa holds quite an interest for me and I enjoyed your posts a lot.