Wednesday, August 31, 2011

No Such Thing as "Squirrel Proof"

If you have fed birds for any length of time, you will soon realize that there is no such thing as a squirrel-proof feeder. I'm speaking from years of experience in that area;  even the extremely expensive pagoda-shaped, squirrel-proof feeder that I bought from Wild Birds Unlimited was soon shredded to pieces by their tiny sharp teeth. From that point on, I've always made a point to buy inexpensive feeders for the winter and I then throw them out as soon as spring starts.

I don't begrudge the squirrels their food as long as they leave some for the birds. And I didn't have any hopes of a $10 "squirrel-proof" feeder even coming close to truth-in-advertising. But really, did the squirrel have to be quite so blatant?


jhs said...
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jhs said...

My grandmother in Winston-Salem fought the same battle for many years. We hung that bird feeder in so many places we thought the squirrel could never get to. We were wrong. And yes, they will eat every last bit of bird feed.

But they are sort of cute, right?

Dartford Warbler said...

Great photos! You have to admire the audacity of squirrels.

frayedattheedge said...

We used to have squirrels in our last garden ..... they were so entertaining I forgave them when they chewed through the feeders and spilled the food on the ground - at least the birds could still eat it!!

Karen said...

Jeffrey: I gave up that battle long ago and now only run them off if they've taken over and don't let the little birds feed. They are cute, but I think my chipmunks are cuter.

DW: You're polite calling it audacity - I call it extreme chutzpah.

Anne: I was not so happy when they chewed up the $65 feeder which is why you won't see anything in the small garden more expensive than $10 or $15. Into the trash they go in the spring without any regrets.

Anyes said...

Squirrels will be squirrels right ;-)