Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Venue

No, not a huge flock of turkeys. Rather, a huge flock of . . .

. . . Black vultures.

While we were on our day trip this past Saturday, I noticed a small group of people on the side of a back country road staring over at a large farm pond. As I drove by the pond, I saw that there were a huge flock of black vultures gathered along the edges of the pond.

Being the curious birding person, I turned around and pulled off the side of the road to see what had caused them to gather in such a huge group. What brought them all there was a large fish kill (fertilizer run-off from our past storms perhaps?). Absolutely stunk to high heavens, so I just jumped out of the car to snap a few pictures and then we left to find something a little more appetizing, like wildflowers.

Oh, a venue is what you call this large gathering of black vultures, just like a clowder of cats, murders of crows, etc.


Anyes said...

Do they stay around all year long? They look quite different, interesting :-)

dinahmow said...

Love the collective noun. And I hope they didn't get secondary poisoning.

(Are you following the sad and disgraceful story of the Red Tailed Hawks in NYC?)

Carolina said...

A venue eh? And a clowder? Murder? I hadn't heard either of those.

And I hope they didn't get secondary poisoning. That would be very sad. I've only seen vultures on TV, in the zoo and in Africa (and in Blogworld). Actually, when we were in Africa I felt like I was in the zoo or watching TV ;-)

Karen said...

Anyes: They do stay around all year. I was going to ask if you had them there in Vancouver, but I looked and they are only here on the East Coast.

Di: I doubt it. I think the fish were suffocated by the run-off and vultures, being scavengers, were attracted by all those dead fish.

Carolina: Isn't English wonderful (and weird)? Those are collective nouns for groups of things, but I had to look up what was the collective noun for vultures, so both you and I learned something new!