Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Will We Ever See the Sun Shine Again?

Going on a week and a half of rainy weather. This is from a snapshot taken last month when we actually had days that were sunshiny. I'm despairing of ever seeing sunshine again this month. The weather prediction is for more rain tomorrow, then Thursday and Friday partly sunny and then back to rain.

If we do get a break on Thursday and Friday, then I'll pack a lunch and head out to walk the trails and try for some interesting pictures after supper. I'm running out of good snapshots to post.


Anyes said...

Welcome to my world ;-)
Take the opportunity to look at small details all around and you might be pleasantly surprised.
I have found that covering my camera with a transparent plastic bags opened just for the lens allowed me to go under some rain and take great photographs. Good luck, Karen

frayedattheedge said...

If only I could have sent you some sunshine from Majorca!!

Dan said...

It's been like that in North Wales for virtually the whole of May, but things are improving, so I hope some of the sunshine makes it over to you too Karen!

Karen said...

Anyes: A great suggestion and I will try it the next time we have a week of unending rain. Looks like that is over, at least for now.

Anne: If only you could send me(!) to Majorca! I'd rather go there than Florida that's for sure.

Dan: Is that normal for you all or out of the ordinary? I think I will do a little Googling to see what weather is like in Wales in the spring.