Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Goat Lady Dairy, Part I

Back in the early 1980's, Ginnie Tate, a nurse who worked at our largest hospital here in Greensboro was driving around the back roads of northern Randolph county looking for property where she could raise her two pet Nubian goats and have a small garden. She was certainly a sight to behold as her two goats were not in the bed of her truck, but sitting up front with her in the passenger seat. As she drove by the farms looking for that perfect piece of property, the people started talking about the goat lady.

When Ginnie found her farm, which was just going to be a hobby farm, she decided that the perfect name for it would be the Goat Lady Farm which later on evolved into the Goat Lady Dairy. The farm and dairy pride themselves as being a sustainable agricultural business.

I have been trying for several years to snag tickets to the dinners that the Goat Lady Dairy serves for six weeks in the spring and summer and then again for six weeks in the fall. They are difficult to get as so many people vie for them. As soon as the link on their website came up back in March to get reservations, I jumped on it immediately. This year I actually got tickets and TB and I went last Friday.

Ginnie died three years ago from ALS or Lou Gehrig's Disease, but her brother, Steve, along with his wife, Lee, and son, Nathan, continue Ginnie's vision of providing local food to the area.

Steve certainly is the disciple of sustainable farming. Before the dinner, he takes all the participants on a guided tour of the farm. They maintain a small herd of goats - 50 to 70 at a time - and hand raise those kids who will stay with the herd. This makes the goats so friendly that you feel that if allowed, they will sit in your lap like a dog.

More about the dairy and dinner tomorrow.


Dan said...

What a great story! I love to hear stories where a lovely sustainable business has been built from a hobby. So sad Ginny isn't still around to enjoy her goats. It sounds like a great place to visit, especially when you get your dinner as part of it too!
I'm glad you got your tickets in the end.

rachel said...

Looking forward to the next instalment!

Anyes said...

I love those farm stories, Karen waiting for tomorrow's :-)

dinahmow said...

Goats! I still miss my rascals(fleece, not dairy) so I'll be watching my reader.

And I googled Lou Gehrig. Horrible way to die. Poor woman.