Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Goat Lady Dairy, Part II

Here is the dinner we had at the dairy with a snapshot of each course:

On the Porch
Creamy Salmon Spread with Dill on Homemade Olive Oil Crackers
Cheese and Wine
Goat Lady Dairy Artisan Cheeses
Accompanied By Select Regional Wines

Ginger Sweet Potato with Citrus and Yogurt

Mixed Green Salad with Herbed Goat Milk Dressing

Whey-Fed Pork and Pasture Raised Beef Meatloaf
Stuffed with Smoked Goat Cheese and Greens
on Creamy Thyme and Turnip Puree

Fresh Strawberry and Balsamic Napoleons
with Sweet Wonton Skins and Mascarpone Cream

Dinner was served family-style and as there was just the two of us, we were seated at a table with a group of eight who were a family of doctors and dentists from Winston-Salem (I didn't feel comfortable to ask to take pictures of people whom I didn't know, so no pictures of our dinner mates).

Before every course Steve would stand up and give a little talk as to what they were serving for that particular course and where the ingredients came from - mostly from the farm. The meat - pork and beef - came from the neighborhood farms and the salmon for the appetizer was the only portion that was not local.

We had a wonderful evening and I came away wishing I could do what Ginnie Tate did, but I realize that I don't have the vision or even the energy to make a hobby into something that will remain long after I've gone. I wish that I could have met her; she must have been a hell of a woman.


Anyes said...

I would have loved to have a bit of this scrumptious dinner.
Karen, I am salivating right now ;-)

Carolina said...

Oh man, you cruel woman! Posting photos of those delicious looking (and sounding) courses. YUM!

Karen said...

Carolina: It was one of the best dinners I've had.

Anyes: I saw your comment before Blogger ate it, so Thank You.