Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sunset Sunday

It has been gray and overcast all week long. I'm grateful for the rain, but it makes it difficult to get a good sunset. And Blogger has been extremely uncooperative the end of the week . . .

I took this back the end of April. Near where I live is a large upscale neighborhood built around the banks of Lake Jeanette. The developers put in walking trails, gazebos and boat docks that as far as I could discern are not used by any of the people who live there. I stood on a boat dock one sunny evening and took this picture. It doesn't have the strong reds and yellows of other sunsets, but is colored with calming pastels.

I'm doing this as an ongoin project with Anyes over at Far Away in the Sunshine.


Anyes said...

The wavy clouds are so relaxing to look at and I love the colours of the sky. Thank you, Karen

Karen said...

Anyes: And it was so surprising that no one else was on the dock to watch it. I guess they were too interested in their TV shows.