Sunday, May 8, 2011

Stunning Sunday Skies

Another sky shot from my office parking lot this past Friday at noon. I think my co-workers are getting used to seeing me taking these snapshots whenever the sky looks interesting. I'll even go out during the workday if it looks like we will be getting another storm coming in and the clouds are starting to gather.

I'm doing this as an ongoing blogging project with Anyes over at Far Away in the Sunshine. We alternate Sundays doing sunsets and then fascinating sky snapshots. It is a lot of fun taking these photos.


Anyes said...

Our skies are total opposite today Karen,
Soon enough your co-workers will be telling you when there are amazing skies for you to take ;-)

Dan said...

Great photo. Doesn't the huge grey cloud below emphasise just how high above those feathery clouds really are? The picture gives a great sense of perspective.

Carolina said...

That sky is scary ;-) I'm glad our skies are far less impressive. Great shot. Again ;-)

Karen said...

Anyes: I think my co-workers are still trying to figure me and my eccentricities out; you know, weird woman standing in the middle of the parking lot wit a camera.

Dan: Thank you. I try to do it without falling over backwards . . .

Carolina: But by summer, the skies will be mostly cloudless and I'll be hardpressed to find a good snapshot.