Monday, March 21, 2011

Not the Supermoon

I wish I could say that I took this on Saturday when it was the Supermoon. But it became very cloudy right during the time the moon was to rise and despite driving round and round Greensboro, I never saw the moon at its biggest and brightest.

This was taken Friday evening as a test shot. I drove over to an industrial area west of Greensboro where there wasn't much in the way of street lights and overhead telephone and electric wires so I could get a clear view of the moon. I used the car door to steady my hands, took a deep breath and got some terrific shots. But it is not the Supermoon and it is only 99% full (as if anyone could tell the difference).


flwrjane said...

But a super moon none the less!

xo Jane

Anyes said...

Still works for me, Kare Awesome snapshot :-)

Anyes said...

I mean to write Karen, ooops Monday morning typo ;-)

rachel said...

How thrilling - I never get decent shots of the moon!

Leah said...

Here's some good ones that I liked. Yah GSO was too cloudy for me Saturday! :( Great shot.

Karen said...

Jane: Or the next best thing!

Anyes: I'm barely functioning first thing Monday morning so you're excused.

Rachel: I love my Panasonic FZ35. Super terrific camera.

Leah: Thank you so much for the link. I wish I could take photos like those.