Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My Ring

Since I am a newish photographer, I wanted to take advantage of the creative photography class offered at our local community college that was being offered this month. Our first assignment was to take four photographs; one of a bottle, the second of a ring, the third of something lazy (with three cats, that would be easy) and the last of something wrapped around something else.

Here is the one I took for the class of my ring. A little background on this. I found it offered on eBay some years back. The account for the auction was that the front piece, the one with the entwined hearts, is modeled after a wrought-iron screen in some English church (I think that is how the description went). Whatever is the true background on the ring, I wear it daily and enjoy it for its uniqueness.


Anyes said...

What a beautiful ring! On which finder do you wear it?

I hope you are feeling better :-)

frayedattheedge said...

Whatever the history of the ring, it is lovely!!

Carolina said...

I like the focus and the layout (that's not the word I was looking for I think; I mean 'that you didn't put the ring in the middle of the shot) and the ring itself too. Looking forward to seeing the other shots.

Karen said...

Anyes: I always wear it on my ring finger on my left hand. For some reason, it annoys me to have any jewelry on my right.

Anne: I wish I had saved the history of the ring. Maybe it was near that lovely 1000 y.o. kirk you blogged about.

Carolina: I think I know what you mean. The number one rule of photography is don't place your subject smack dab in the middle of the picture.