Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Forest Pansy Redbud

I hope you've noticed the new header for the blog. As Sunday was the beginning of spring, the dark-eyed junco on a snowy tree limb just didn't match up with the sunny weather and the trees regaining their leaves.

I took a picture of my flowering Forest Pansy redbud tree. Because the garden is so small (5x4 on the east side of the path to the back gate and 5x7 on the west side), I've planted small specimen trees so as not to overwhelm the patio. The redbud is sited on the larger of the two pieces and is the earliest to start blooming. I have a crepe myrtle, var. Sioux, in the smaller area and it doesn't even start to leaf out until much later.

Since the redbud is a member of the pea and bean family, the tiny little flowers look exactly like those of peas when they bloom. After the blooming season is over, the tree will develop long legumes that, according to Wikipedia, can be cooked just like regular peas. I'm not so sure I'll ever do that, but I guess it is nice to know just in case.

For comparison, a picture of a sweet pea flower from the Web:

See the similarities?


Scrappy Grams said...

Newest tidbit of learning, that the redbud is a member of the pea family! I LOVE redbuds! The campus where I taught 1st grade has one in front of our biggest building. Such a beautiful way to greet visitors, teachers and students.

frayedattheedge said...

I love your new header! That was interesting about the tree - you should definitely try eating some of the 'peas' later in the year!

flwrjane said...

I did see your new header, did I not say how beautiful it is?

Well it is stunning. And i did not know that about red bud either....

Information and beauty. Good job,

xo Jane

Anyes said...

Hurray for Spring, and for your beautiful header, Karen! We are still waiting for the sun to shine here, but the change in season's name does the trick for me ;-)

Karen said...

SG: The Internet is a wonderful thing, especially for a trivia nut like me. I didn't know either until I did a little background search for this post.

Anne: Thank you for the compliment. I might try it as an experiment later this summer and give you all a report.

Jane: Thank you, too. And I guess I taught the floral expert something new, too.

Anyes: I'm thinking really hard about spring tonight (Wednesday) as it is supposed to get really chilly again after three 80F days.