Thursday, March 24, 2011

Cardinal at the Bird Bath

Although the bird feeders were taken up the beginning of the month so that I could concentrate on the garden, the bird bath is a permanent fixture and focal point. I planted a Lady Banks rosebush at the base some years back and soon it will be full of tiny yellow roses. Right now it is just greening up and trying to recover from being killed back during our very hard winter.

So, the birds come through the garden now just to take a bath (like the robin) or a drink like this male cardinal.

And while the birdbath may look as though it is made out of granite, it is actually plastic made to look like stone.

I also see over at the website that a first sighting of a hummingbird for this area was just made on March 18 (it is the 3/18 dot that is in the middle of the state up near the Virginia border). I will put up a feeder for them this year, probably this weekend.

I had a lot of hummingbirds come to the small garden last year to investigate the daylilies, but didn't stay long. My guess is that they can't feed off the daylilies and I didn't have a nectar feeder out to keep them around. Now, let's see what kind of snapshots I can get with them this summer.


Scrappy Grams said...

Years ago my hubby videotaped a male cardinal taking a bath in our small pond with a waterfall. Both of us were so delighted! I love anything that brings birds and butterflies into my yard. :)

Anyes said...

Install a nectar feeder for the hummingbirds is a great idea. Last year there was quite a few of them at my neighbour's house, feeding just by her window and reading your words made me decide to try it out as well. Thank you, Karen

frayedattheedge said...

What a super photo - and what a gorgeous bird! I hope you get lots of photos of the hummingbirds - we don't have them over here.

Karen said...

SG: And the cardinal is the state bird for both Indiana and North Carolina!

Anyes: I'm delaying the feeder by a week. It seems it will be in the thirties at night for the beginning of the week.

Anne: I'm keeping my fingers crossed on the hummingbirds. They came last year; I hope they come this year.