Sunday, January 15, 2012

Stunning Sunday Skies

The weather forecasters promised snow flurries here in Greensboro on Saturday, but all we got were these gray clouds and no snow. Not even any rain, either.

Actually we were really fortunate and had beautiful blue skies without a cloud in them all day long right up to the point that I dropped TB off at her house. Then the clouds came in from the mountains where they were having snow and so I waited with anticipation to . . . nothing.

I'm doing this as an ongoing project with Anyes over at Far Away in the Sunshine. I hope she's not suffering from blogger's block the way I have all week.


Chantal said...

threathening skies

Carolina said...

Your header is definitely A Good Snapshot! Beautiful.

That sky looks ominous.

Karen said...

Chantal: Yes, it looked threatening but never followed through with its threat

Carolina: Thank you. It is an Eastern Bluebird that I photographed in one of the graveyards we were visiting on Saturday.

Anyes said...

I was taking a bit of a blogging break...

I always love your clouds Karen and I will be doing Sunset Sundays this coming Sunday. See you then :-)