Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Ohio Star and Crossed Canoes, Ashe County, North Carolina

I guess if you don't have a barn, then a barn-shaped garage is second-best. This is called Ohio Star. I felt a little funny parking at the top of the driveway and walking down to get a shot that wasn't blocked by the tree limbs as the homeowner was out in the yard. But I guess he must be used to people stopping and taking pictures otherwise he wouldn't have agreed to put the quilt up on the tour. I see a problem finding this in the summertime as the leaves would completely block the view from the road.

This next quilt required driving up a gravel road to the top of a hill and then looking back towards the paved road we came off in order to see these two versions of Crossed Canoe quilt. The owners must be big canoers as the name of the road that the property is on is called Canoe Gap Road (and not a river or lake in sight).


rachel said...

So interesting! Can you find out why the road has that name? Then tell us?

frayedattheedge said...

I wonder if I could persuade Malcolm to demolish our garage and replace it with a barn-shaped one!!

Anyes said...

Interesting this barn shaped garage :-)

Chantal said...

great how they all have their own sign

barbfroman said...

These posts are great. It's like taking a tour. Thanks for sharing this trip.

Karen said...

Rachel: I looked on Google Maps and Canoe Gap Road crosses over a mountain top and dead ends into a road that is near the New River. Perhaps that is where the name came from.

Anne: Well, if he does, take pictures and post them.

Anyes: Barns are the big thing!

Chantal: I love all the different quilts, too.

Barb: With close to 1000 barn quilts up in the North Carolina mountains, there will be many more tours.