Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Organ Lutheran Church, Rockwell, North Carolina

And this is the sister church to Lower Stone Church, Zion Lutheran Church near Rockwell, North Carolina. It is known locally as Organ Lutheran Church as there was a large pipe organ hand-built by one of the parishioners, that once was in the original church building (above).

The plan is the same as Lower Stone Church although it doesn't have the inscription over the door. The steeple to the right was added to the church in 1901 along with an attached granite building with a castellated roof line - typical to the early 20th century church buildings. Unfortunately the addition adds nothing (and detracts to a large extent) to the beautiful old church and so I didn't take any pictures of it.

Organ Lutheran Church is the oldest Lutheran church in the Piedmont area of North Carolina and is the mother church to five other congregations in Rowan County.


Carolina said...

It does look like Lower Stone Church. You can see they are family ;-)
Sturdy, basic building. No frivolities here.
I love the incredibly blue sky.

Anyes said...

This sky is such a refreshing sight, Thank you Karen :-)

Karen said...

Carolina: And they look like they were taken out of Pennsylvania and dropped in the North Carolina backwoods. There are no churches in the state comparable which is what I love.

Anyes: The skies are beautifully blue this winter, but it leaves me without an interesting sky shot.