Monday, January 23, 2012

Eastern Bluebird at Lower Stone Church

While we were at Lower Stone Church in Rowan County last week, taking pictures of the church and churchyard, I noticed a small bird fly into the single tree planted in the churchyard. I used the super-zoom to get in some snapshots because I knew as soon as I got close, he would fly off.

The pictures turned out well and as you've noticed, I'm using one of these snapshots as the new header. This is an Eastern Bluebird in his winter finery. Not quite a bright blue wings, back and tail along with a ruddy breast as in the summer, but still enough blue to bring a bit of color to the scenery. Unfortunately he is competing with a brilliant blue North Carolina sky that day and the sky has won out, just a bit.


Val said...

Beautiful new header, Karen, the bird pix are wonderful. My days of handholding long camera lenses are over as I just can't get sharp enough images. So many birds around here but I'd have to set up my tripod in a permanent position.

Carolina said...

Great shots! (including the header)

rachel said...

So that's what a bluebird looks like! How lovely.

Tracey said...

Beautiful, and you're right - the sky is winning out a little. Great shots.

Anyes said...

A beautiful bird, Karen :-)

Anne said...

What a fabuous bird photo - I haven't taken many recently, I must get organised to take some. I've discovered that I can leave a comment if I use name/URL instead of oen ID .... I was getting worried that folk would think I had stopped resding them!!

Karen said...

Val: I, too, can't hold a DSLR with a zoom lens on it. I have a Panasonic FZ35 bridge camera that has a super-zoom feature (18x optical zoom, 6x digital). I can't remove the lens, but it does take attachments and filters.

Carolina: Many thanks.

Rachel: Well, it is what a bluebird in the winter looks like. Absolutely brilliant blue in the summer.

Tracey: The skies here in North Carolina have been absolutely a gorgeous blue on the days the sun has been out.

Anyes: Thank you.

Anne: I'm sorry that you've been having problems with Blogger's comment function. I've had problems over at Rachel's on occasion, too.