Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Short Interlude (Hopefully)

I'm having some problems with my Internet provider . . . again. So while I'm struggling dealing with their customer service and my on again, off again connections, I'll leave you with one of my mourning doves taking a nap on  a stepping stone in the small garden.

I think I will be ready for Xanax once this is over.


Carolina said...

Good luck, cute dove, nice shot ;-)

Val said...

Good luck with your service provider! Mine has driven me rage and the occasional tear, when we moved to our new place. The little dove is so sweet, I love the blue spot on the face.

Karen said...

Carolina: The mourning dove is one of my favorite birds in the small garden.

Val: And you're trapped with that particular provider (at least I am at the moment) and at their mercies.