Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Holden Beach, North Carolina

Although the morning of our trip to Holden Beach started out bright and sunny, by the time we arrived at the cottage the clouds had moved in and the wind had started to pick up. The weather forecast was for rain all day on Friday, but it would clear out of the area by Saturday morning. I got a few pictures from the front porch of the cottage of the storm moving in:

The next day, it just opened up and poured.

And poured.

And came down in a deluge (was that an ark I saw on the beach?).

And the fog was so thick you couldn't see more than a dozen feet in front of you.

Altogether the area received more than three and a half-inches of rain in two days while Greensboro which is 250 miles west only got a quarter-inch. All that rain managed to break the previous record of rainfall for February (figures).

With the trip to the North Carolina Aquarium scuttled, I read some books that I had put off due to lack of time. And watched cable TV and confirmed my decision not to have it at home (what a brain-sucking time-waster).

When the rain let up a bit, I went out on the beach and took some snapshots in the film grain mode. This one of the sand dune fencing came out well:

And Saturday was an exact repeat of Friday's weather. Not conducive to taking lots and lots of good snapshots down at the beach.


Scrappy Grams said...

Aw, I'm sorry. At least you did get one terrific shot!

Carolina said...

Two terrific shots even ;-)

frayedattheedge said...

I think someone somewhere in charge of weather doesn't like you!! But both photos are super!

Anyes said...

You still managed to get awesome snapshots. Glad to read you again :-)

Dan said...

Wow, you got two amazing shots, and the second one, well I really love it!!!
It's brilliant!

Karen said...

SG: Thank you so much!

Carolina: What a nice compliment coming from such a terrific photographer.

Anne: I'm becoming to think that someone doesn't like the entire Northern Hemisphere this winter.

Anyes: So glad to be back even if with a tiny contingent of photos.

Dan: Thank you, too. I like using film grain and on such a gray overcast day, it turned out well.

Carolina said...

Hrmpf (is the sound i make when bursting out in laughter), flattery will get you nowhere ;-)

Karen said...

Carolina: I mean it; those horse photos were outstanding!