Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Blue Ridge Parkway

Since I didn't do a road trip this past weekend, I am going through old snapshots to find something interesting to post. This one was taken in October 2009 with the Panasonic TMZ-1 (a refurbished 5MP camera) and shows the Blue Ridge Mountains in western North Carolina. They were named this due to the hazy blue hue given off by the evergreens that grow extensively throughout these ridges. I didn't do anything to the color of this snapshot; this shows it exactly how it looks normally.

This was taken from the Blue Ridge Parkway north of Mount Airy looking south and east. Here is an article from the Smithsonian Magazine which tells how the Parkway came into being 75 years ago. It is definitely one of most favorite places to go to, especially since it is just two hours away from Greensboro.


Carolina said...

A very apt name. Gorgeous view.

frayedattheedge said...

A super photo!

Scrappy Grams said...


Anyes said...

Nature is always full of interesting finds just waiting to be captured.

Karen said...

Carolina: It is gorgeous, at least three seasons out of the year. Now, not so much.

Anne: Thank you!

SG: Maybe a trip down from Indiana is in order? Spring is gorgeous.

Anyes: Yes, but sometimes I struggle to uncover them.