Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunset Sunday

Sunset over Lake Brandt yesterday. Sunny week forecasted and up in the 60's! Maybe spring will come after all.

You can find Sunset Sundays over at Finding Another View. I'm doing this with Anyes at Far away in the Sunshine as an ongoing project.


frayedattheedge said...

You get all the best skies! I love the contrail - a little bit of mystery - where is the plane going to/coming from?!

Anyes said...

I am glad we are doing this together, Your sky does look amazing.
How was your Saturday trip with TB? I am looking forward to see what you did. :-)

Carolina said...


Karen said...

Anne: The airport is only five miles west of the lake. In fact, when the weather is bad the air traffic controllers bring them in right over the top of my house. Can be quite noisy.

Anyes: Thank you. I think I'm going to struggle this week; no clouds to make the sunset interesting.

Carolina: Many thanks!