Monday, February 14, 2011

Clouds and Puddles

A puddle down at the parking lot at the marina at Lake Brandt, just down the street from my house. Trying for a little bit of artistic photography here.

The day trip didn't happen; I backed out. After driving more than 600 miles altogether last weekend, I just couldn't muster much enthusiasm for a day trip, even one to the NC Zoo on a warm and sunny weekend. I'll have to troll through old snapshots and go out at lunch time to find something interesting to post.

The City of Greensboro is having a contest for photos for their website. They really and truly need to redesign this one; it is pretty blah. I've already submitted a couple; this one from Greenhills Cemetery and this one of the leading edge of Hurricane Earl. I'll post others as I submit them for the contest. Oh, you don't get anything for winning this, just your photo pictured on the site.


moreidlethoughts said...

Greensboro - where even the puddles are pretty!

Val said...

This is such a soft, radiant image and it really was well captured. Thank you for your encouraging mail, you're absolutely right about just getting something / anything down and not to try and be too perfectionist about it - a bad problem of mine! At least I managed a further post this afternoon so thanks for the advice.
Good luck for the photo competition. Even if there is no prize, recognition is always sweet!

Anyes said...

Up until now I always looked at puddles and wondered if anyone was around so I could jump in...Now, I'll look closer and see the reflection they hold. Awesome snapshot, Thank you, Karen Have a great week!

Good luck for the competition :-)

frayedattheedge said...

Super reflection shot - it would have been a good one for 'Shadow Shot Sunday' ...... reflections count as shadows! Good luck with the contest!

Val said...

Hi Karen, Yeah the rocks are beautiful aren't they, especially in the golden light.
As far as thinking of smooth white sands is concerned, the entire western cape coastline, on the Indian and Alantic Ocean sides has every variety of beach you could wish for. Long beaches where you can walk forever, rocky beaches which stretch far out in to the sea with lots of small and not so small swimming holes and beaches with dunes covered in vegetation and the precious, protected milkwood trees.
This picture was taken along the promenade which stretches between the Waterfront to Bantry Bay and does have these huge sandstone boulders with little private beaches scattered in between the rocks.
So, as you can see, there's something for everyone!

Karen said...

Di: Only when the weather is nice. Otherwise, yucky and gray just like NYC.

Val: I am keeping my fingers crossed about the contest. It would be nice just for the recognition. I also didn't realize the great diversity in beaches there in SA. You would have to travel all the way to Maine to get great big rocks like that on the beach.

Anyes: Maybe that would be a good photo to try there in Vancouver?

Anyes said...

I'm glad you're thinking the same, Karen. I've been walking around with this idea in mind, finding the sky in a puddle the way you did ;-)