Friday, February 18, 2011

Yellow-rumped Warbler

A last look at the yellow-rumped warblers. They stopped coming to the feeder after the holly tree across the parking lot started dropping its berries. And they leave soon to migrate all the way up through to the Arctic Circle in Canada.

And I only get to see them in their winter drab. Look at what they look like in the summer:

From Cornell University's All About Birds
I took down all but two feeders today after I saw the daylilies starting to send up shoots through the leaf litter. Although bird poop is good for the plants, I don't like gardening among a lot of poop. Yuck.

Spring is coming.


frayedattheedge said...

I'll feed thee birds for a little while longer - but yes, they do make a mess!!

Anyes said...

So I guess the word is out, Spring is on its way, gardening gloves back on soon? Even here we're having a beautiful sunny cold day, but the funny part is they are forecasting snow on Monday
It seems Mr. Winter is still around the neighbourhood ;-)

Dartford Warbler said...

What pretty birds in their summer finery!

Scrappy Grams said...

The birds are still giving me hope that spring will soon arrive. Beautiful!

Karen said...

Anne: Only two feeders up now. The birds had started to leave the garden anyway and I desperately need to clean up the mess.

Anyes: Freesia and oriental lily bulbs have been bought and will be planted this weekend. Maybe a cold snap in March, but I think the worst is behind us.

DW: I wish I could see them in their summer finery. There have been some sightings in the mountains during the summer, but if they don't show up right in front of my face I don't see them.

SG: Anything interesting in Indiana? Robins, perhaps? They sometimes overwinter here in Greensboro, but not this winter. I'm just seeing them this past two weeks.