Monday, September 20, 2010

Upper Cascade Falls at Hanging Rock State Park, NC

So while I was up in the Sauratown Mountains on Saturday at Hanging Rock State Park, I decided to walk down the trail to Upper Cascade Falls, a walk that was promised to be “easy”.

Here’s the beginning of the trail. Looks nice and easy, doesn’t it?

Beginning of Upper Cascade Falls Trail

However, three-quarters of the way to the falls it became quite steep with loose gravel underfoot. I held my breath and walked carefully down to the observation deck.

Here is the Upper Cascade Falls. Supposedly you can climb (or in my case, clamber) down the side of the hill to where it pools in a small pond. I didn’t try it; I’m quite accident-prone plus I didn’t have my cell phone with me and I was by myself (not smart).

Upper Cascade Falls

I found a picture by Dave Cook of the area where Cascade Creek goes into Cascade Gorge about a quarter-mile from where I took this picture. The accompanying information about this photo says: Cascade Creek deep in the Cascade Gorge. The Cascade Gorge is a treacherous place of steep canyon walls, slick rocks, and dense rhododendron thickets. Anyone entering needs above average fitness and dexterity, and should be skillful at wilderness navigation. Getting in, out and traversing is extremely difficult.

Dave Cook  ©2010 

See why I stayed on the trail? And this was someone else’s idea of an easy path, not mine.


rachel said...

Sensible of you not to pit yourself against Nature. A very beautiful place though!

frayedattheedge said...

I love the first photo! Very sensible not to attempt the path when you were on your own!

Carolina said...

Gorgeous place. I'm glad someone was brave and skilled enough to investigate further and take the last photo (hopefully not 'his last photo' ;-))

flwrjane said...

So if I ever find myself down your way we won't go there, right?

GG will though.

Karen said...

Rachel: It is absolutely gorgeous. That's why it attracts a half a million visitors to the park.

Anne: I thought my middle aged knees were going to give out going back up the hill from the falls. And there I would've have been stranded for hours since I left the phone in the car. All the time I was on the trail I didn't see another person. Definitely lesson learned.

Carolina: You wouldn't believe what people do in that park. They climb those mountains without any type of gear; just with their bare hands and climbing shoes. Fortunately there have been very few fatalities in that park.

Jane: I'm glad GG has the nerve to do it. Just standing on the stairs down to the falls made me woozy.