Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Poplar Forest. Lynchburg, VA

Poplar Forest

This is the front entrance of Thomas Jefferson’s Poplar Forest near Lynchburg, VA. This was his retreat from Monticello after he left the presidency in 1809.

I have a software program that allows me to change photographs to how they would have looked like using various types of cameras. This was changed into a daguerreotype, the first popular type of photography which came into being from 1839 to 1855.

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Carolina said...

And it works! Love the linear 'thing' going on in this shot. The brickwork, the benches, the pillars, shutters. Even the handrail. I first thought that it would be a better picture without the handrail (why photographers should always carry a screwdriver ;-)), but on second thoughts I rather like it. Without it would be dull perhaps. Not to mention hazardous ;-)