Friday, September 3, 2010

Greensboro, NC. September 2010

I’ve progressed from Simple mode to Program mode. Baby steps with this camera. I’ll try out the other functions this weekend - the aperture, shutter and exposure settings up on the Blue Ridge Parkway. We're going (hopefully) in the opposite direction of the Labor Day vacationers, most of whom are traveling to the beach. I’m still trying to understand how the manual mode works, so it will be some time before I post photos that I have shot manually.

This is the leading edge of Hurricane Earl as it comes near the Outer Banks (this was taken around 7:30 pm Thursday). We are much too far away from the coast (200+ miles) to see any rain or have any wind. The cloud cover is the most we will get. I am hoping that a professional photographer in New York, Vincent Mounier, whose blog I follow will be able to post pictures of how he has been affected by this storm. Here is the link to his blog:

This is taken at the Lake Brandt marina which is just down the street from my house.


rachel said...

Blimey, Karen, this is turning into a spectacular photo-journal! Wonderful!

Let's hope you don't get the chance to photograph Hurricane Earl close up, however!

Beence said...

Ok, take two, the first one didn't let me post.

It's looking bleak for Earl pictures from NYC with a steadily weakening storm (now a Cat. 1) and wave height forecast of some 15 ft. for late afternoon, and little wind. But we'll see.

It's probably better that way, hurricanes generally yield so much devastation and suffering.

Very nice shot of the high altitude clouds, by the way!

Carolina said...

A stunning shot. Beautiful!

I have a Canon EOS 40D, now no longer in production. At first I was baffled by all the possible settings and didn't understand any of it. Did a course for beginners, that helped. And now I just practice and practice and practice some more. And still haven't figured out half of what's possible.
But I love it!