Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sunset Sunday

This week has been a wash as far as snapshots were concerned. Our temperatures soared into the high 90's with heat indexes close to 110F. The humidity was so high that it felt like you were stepping into a sauna everytime you walked out the door and that was not a good feeling.

With the air conditioning kaput in the car, I just stayed home after work instead of taking off to look for interesting pictures. Even when the weather cooled off, it still conspired against me. When I went to the mountains yesterday to take more barn quilt pictures, it started to pour rain and the fog got so bad that I was sure that I was going to be stuck on the top of the mountain for days. I came home yesterday afternoon snapshot-less.

This sunset is from last month when I chased the sunset from parking garage to church parking lot to abandoned housing development.

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