Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Cat Who Went Out


I've always been more of a cat person than a dog person. I love dogs, but cats have always fit better in my lifestyle and personality than dogs.

And since I realized that cats are better off living indoors only, for the past thirty years they've always stayed inside. Even Smokey (gone six years now) who came to me as a semi-feral 4-month old kitten, never again asked to go out or even tried to sneak out an open door the entire 12 years he lived with me.

I now have three elderly cats - Miss Mouse, a tuxedo, who is 16 1/2  and Joe and Zoey, solid black cats, who turned 14 years old this month. They have always been strictly indoors, never once asking or trying to go out . . . until the past month.

I went out to take the garbage to the can on the patio and to my great surprise, Joe came outside with me. He's never shown any interest before and the one time I tried to take them outside (the patio is surrounded by a six-foot high privacy fence, so no chance of anyone wandering off), the hysterics were so great I thought someone would call the cops and report me for torturing animals.

Now, he wants to go out all the time. But as with all cats, it's out, in, out, in until I get tired of being the cat's butler and make him stay inside.

I wonder what brought on the change of heart about going outside after all these years?


frayedattheedge said...

How strange! I much prefer dogs - cats just give me the shivers!

Anyes said...

Could it be he just finally grew some courage and decided to venture out of his comfort zone in his older years ;-)
I am a cat person too and wish Lovely Husband would share my love for them...

Carolina said...

Who knows. A mystery that will be difficult to solve I guess. Our cats go outside every day. I do so recognize your 'being a butler'. I am too. We have no cat flap, so I'm forever opening doors to let them in and out, and in again, and out again. They have it made ;-)

rachel said...

Ah, the mystery of cats! Who knows why they do anything, really? That's why I love them so.

Karen said...

Anne: And I love dogs, but they require a little more work than I as a single person have time for. Maybe later . . .

Anyes: I'm thinking more along the lines of senile dementia, but maybe it was just courage.

It's funny how most men view cats as not being a proper pet.

Carolina: Yes, they certainly do. Just call me the Cat Butler.

Rachel: You and me both!