Sunday, July 24, 2011

Stunning Sunday Skies

Another standing in the parking lot and shooting blindly above my head since I'm using the little camera and I can't see anything on the digital display (which is why I like the big camera with the viewfinder).

We get these big puffy clouds at lunchtime, but by the afternoon they (and any promised rain) have completely dissipated, leaving us with an orange ozone haze and heavy, choking heat.

I was hoping for rain Saturday afternoon, but all we got was one clap of thunder and three drops of rain. Nothing on the horizon for next week either, just more heat.

I'm doing this in conjunction with Anyes over at Far Away in the Sunshine. Wonder what the skies look like in Vancouver?


dinahmow said...

And will the elected politicians please butt out of the discussion on climate change and allow those of us who have to suffer these vagaries to state OUR case!

You seem to be having the sort of weather some of us over here have had the past few summers. A sort of fold 'em or bet high hand.

And I understand your viewfinder dilemma!

Susan said...

beautiful + gorgeous !! xo Susan

Anyes said...

The clouds have slowly subsided here and we're finally having a bit of sun. I am glad to be back sharing my Sundays with you Karen :-)

frayedattheedge said...

Another wonderful sky! I hope you get some rain soon!

Karen said...

Di: I feel like staking some of these climate change deniers out in this weather and letting them try to convince themselves that this is normal summer weather. It isn't and hasn't been for about five or six years.

Susan: Thank you. Clouds and skies are truly my favorites to photograph.

Anyes: I'm still trying to send some heat your way. I think I packed some in my aunt's luggage as she left this morning to return to Vancouver. Let me know.

Anne: We need to combine your weather and my weather and then we'd have perfect weather!