Thursday, July 21, 2011

Brown Turkey Fig

I bought this Brown Turkey fig tree three years ago out at the Piedmont Triad Farmers Market where you can get all sorts of good things - organic fruits and vegetables, baked goods, flower bouquets, plants from local nurseries, etc., etc.

The first year I planted it in the small garden where it did so-so, but not well. That fall I transplanted it into a large container and moved it to the patio.

The second year (last summer) it just absolutely went into collapse by July. No figs had appeared and the leaves had turned yellow and fallen off. Nosing around some of my other blogs, I saw that other gardeners were having the same problem and Jane over at Small But Charming agreed with me that perhaps it was the extreme heat.

Generally I am impatient with my plants and if it doesn't do well two years running, it is out of the garden (or in this case, off the patio). For some reason I decided to give it a third year and see if it would produce any figs. And, much to my surprise, it did.

Now, the yellow and larger of these figs is the crop called the Breva or First crop. I'm told they aren't as tasty as the second (which are the smaller, green figs) and so I'm throwing them in the small garden near the chipmunks' hole for them to eat instead of chewing on my rose bushes (They do! I've seen them do it).

I'll let you know how the second crop fares.

I may be off-line for the next couple of days. With last weekend's day trip being a bust and the next few days being the hottest of the year (and maybe record-breaking) with an ozone haze that makes it next to impossible to take a decent snapshot, I may put off blogging until after the heat wave breaks next week. We'll see. Don't hold me to this; I can always change my mind.


frayedattheedge said...

I love the look of figs - but I just don't like the taste!

Carolina said...

That is an abundance of figs! I'd love to have a fig tree, but I'm not good with plants in pots and it can't go out in the garden, with the winters we have, so I just buy figs. I'd also love to have a farmers market like you've described somewhere nearby.
Hope it gets a bit cooler where you are. Don't you have any photos in stock to share with us?


Anyes said...

Figs always brings back Summer childhood memories, as there used to have a beautiful old fig tree in my grandfather's garden where I spent all my Summers.
I hope the heat will not be too much to bear. Any chance you could send a bit my way?

Karen said...

Anne: I'm not sure how I feel as I've never eaten a whole fig - Figs Newton, yes, but not a real live fig.

Carolina: Yes, they do require a warmer summer and winter than what you have there in the Netherlands.

I'm just too hot and bothered to look for snapshots, but I may have to bite the bullet and find some.

Anyes: My aunt who summers in Vancouver and a family friend who lives there year-round came to visit my mother Thursday. The change from 59F to 98F was just overwhelming for them. Is there a happy medium somewhere?