Thursday, July 7, 2011

South Fork New River

But it wasn't all barn quilts, all the time along US 221. The South Fork New River is a huge draw for fly fishers -

And canoing -

And kayaking!

The North Fork New River and South Fork New River meet up just over the Virginia border to make the New River, which despite its name is considered the second oldest river in the world. And it is the only major river in North America to flow from south to north. It finally ends at the Ohio River between West Virginia and Ohio.

I wasn't thinking about taking a snapshot of the general store which sits right next to where all this was taking place on Saturday. Here's a link to their website: in case you have a hankering to come to the mountains of North Carolina to visit the New River.

We only stayed long enough to take a few pictures and then off to the Blue Ridge Parkway.

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