Sunday, November 6, 2011

Stunning Sunday Sunset

I can always count on finding a super sunset down at the marina at Lake Brandt especially when the weather is changing and and there are interesting cloud formations over the water.

I'm doing these sunset photos in conjunction with Anyes over at Far Away in the Sunshine. Go and see what she saw for a sunset there in British Columbia, Canada. I have a feeling these types of days will be few and far between as we get closer and closer to winter. This week's gray weather certainly didn't lend itself to any good snapshots. I'll have to dig deeper in my archives to find something interesting I'm afraid.


Carolina said...

Stunning indeed. Sometimes I think we only have grey skies over here.
I know it's not true, but it's amazing how many shots I have with the dullest sky ever in the background ;-)

frayedattheedge said...

I love the reflection on the water - you could the photo and not know which way was up!!

Anyes said...

Sunset reflections over the calm waters of a beautiful lake sprinkled with a stunning cloudy sky...Thank you Karen :-)

dinahmow said...

Having just had 3 very big (too big for the yard!)trees removed on the western side I think I'll be more than satiated with sunsets by autumn!

Karen said...

Carolina: That's what I dislike about winter - the endless gray days. So far this fall we've had absolutely stunning blue skies.

Anne: I might try that some day and see if anyone catches it.

Anyes: It's one of the reasons I go down to the lake so often.

Di: Only six more months for you to go for your fall. Do your trees change color like ours do?