Saturday, November 19, 2011

More Beautiful Birds

These next three pictures were taken either through fencing or the bars of a cage, so they aren't quite as focused as the earlier ones were.

This is an Eurasian Eagle Owl which was hatched at the park in 2009 along with two of his nest mates. It is the second largest owl in the world and just slightly smaller than our golden eagle. Since they are nocturnal, I think they were slightly annoyed by our clambering outside their flight cage trying to get a good shot through the bars.

This is a Javan Pond Heron from Southeast Asia. Again a slightly difficult shot through the bars of its cage. These are not considered endangered in their local habitats, but Sylvan Heights breeds them for zoos and nature centers here in the US.

This is an East African Crowned Crane. It was by itself in a large pen with many warning signs about not getting to close as it would attack. It ran up and down the fencing, I guess trying to get to us to peck us to death or something. It is considered threatened in its native habitat of the African Savannah south of the Sahara.


Anyes said...

I love the second shot Karen. You caught him in motion and I enjoy the blur behind him. See you tomorrow :-)

Karen said...

Anyes: I think the blur is more due to trying to focus through the bars of his cage rather than him being active.