Sunday, November 13, 2011

Stunning Sunday Skies

Sorry about the lack of photos and posts this week. I blame it on inertia and the fact we've gone back to standard time which means if I don't take photos on the weekend or at lunchtime during the week, then I don't take any photos.

But Sundays are sacrosanct since I do this in conjunction with Anyes over at Far Away in the Sunshine. Today's snapshot was taken down at Holden Beach this past February. TB and I went down for a long weekend and photo opportunities only to have three days of rain and fog. However the morning we left to come back to Greensboro, the rain finally stopped and I got this sunrise shot right on the beach.

I'm traveling this weekend, so I'm crossing my fingers that there will be lots of snapshots and things to blog about this coming week.


Carolina said...

Looking forward to the snapshots and blogposts following your travels.

Stunning sky indeed. Ours is as grey as ever *sigh* Come to think of it... it isn't always grey. Yesterday evening it was an awesome fiery red sunset, but I didn't take photos. Too lazy ;-)

Anyes said...

Your skies always looks like treasures Karen. So deep and full of energy, truly stunning :-)

chantal said...

Amazing how skies can create such nice photos

Karen said...

Carolina: That's what I always say about Ohio skies when we go home to visit family - does the sun ever shine? It always seems to be gray and overcast. I do remember my week in the Netherlands as being sunny, but then it was August.

Anyes: Thank you! I love to do these Sunday posts.

Chantal: These are my favorite shots to take and I'm glad that Anyes asked me to do them with her.