Friday, November 18, 2011

More Ducks Today!

And some more beautiful waterfowl from Sylvan Heights:

Black-necked Stilt, a fairly common shorebird. It is found on the western coast of the United States all the way down to Central America.

Greater Scaup, a marine duck. It spends the summer in the Arctic and the winters in the coastal bays of Central Europe and the Great Lakes of the US. It can gather in groups or rafts as large as 50,000 to forage on the open waters of the ocean.

A Common Shelduck which is native to the UK and western Europe. Sometimes they are found nesting in rabbit burrows, tree holes or haystacks. There have been flocks as large as 100,000 spotted on the Wadden Sea area of the Netherlands.

And even more birds tomorrow!


Greensboro Florist said...

My daughter loves the pink beak!

Anyes said...

Thank you Karen, I am glad you're back :-)

frayedattheedge said...

Fabulous photos - I love the long pink legs of the stilts!!

Chantal said...

I look forward to more beauty birds

Karen said...

G. Florist: I guess thinking about it, we don't have any ducks locally that have pink beaks, do we?

Anyes: Glad to be back. That storm was scary.

Anne: The stilts remind me of our sandpipers down at the beach, but they have gray legs not pink.

Chantal: More birds coming your way!