Sunday, September 4, 2011

Stunning Sunday's Skies

I feel as though I have been shirking my blogging duties - posting very little in the way of anything interesting in the past few weeks. Mostly it has been due to the fact that TB and I haven't been able to do a Saturday day trip in a long while and I'm not comfortable driving my poor old minivan to out of the way places that generally don't have cell phone reception and require a long walk back to civilization. But this week I will have some interesting places to post about as we did an extremely long day trip to the eastern part of the North Carolina Piedmont.

But today is Stunning Skies Sunday and with lots of different weather fronts coming through recently (and it looks like more predicted for this week with Tropical Storm Lee making a soggy trip in our direction and Hurricane Katia coming in the direction of the North Carolina Outer Banks), I had a lot of amazing skies to choose from. I think the owners of this field have gotten used to seeing me standing in the middle of it taking snapshots of the skies and so haven't (at least yet) called the sheriff on me.

I'm doing this with Anyes over at Faraway in the Sunshine. Go see what stunning skies she found for today.


Dan said...

Gorgeous sky Karen! Your pictures always make me want to know what sort of clouds they are. I don't envy you the tropical storms and hurricanes though!!

frayedattheedge said...

It looks as if the clouds are being sucked into a hole in the horizon. I really enjoy seeing your sky photos!!

Anyes said...

Your skies are endless and I am glad the owners of the field are friendly...Let them know about your blog, I'm sure they'd love to see what beauty you capture :-)

Karen said...

Dan: I think they are a type of cummulus clouds. We always get these towering clouds prior to a strong storm.

Anne: That's why I've started going down to this field so that I can capture all the drama.

Anyes: Well, they've driven by me when I've been out in the field and haven't chased me off, so I figure they know that I'm hardly dangerous.