Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Rockford Memorial Methodist Church, Rockford, NC

After we finished at Richmond Hill Law School, back to the scenic byway and through the historic town of Rockford. We had visited the town back in the winter and I hadn't planned to stop.

But I glanced to my left and saw that the door to Rockford Memorial Methodist Church was wide open and being thwarted in last Saturday's attempt to go inside any of those churches, made an u-turn and pulled into the parking lot.

A glance through the door showed a surprise at the back of the sanctuary.

A life-size fresco of Jesus. This is titled "Come Unto Me" and was created by Tony Griffin in 1989. Tony is the brother-in-law of Ben Long, who is a world-renown fresco artist. For those who live here, Ben's most famous work is at the Episcopal Church in Glendale Springs.

The church was closed in 1967 by the North Carolina Methodist Conference as an active congregation. However, it is open for tourists who come to Rockford and couples who want to use it for their weddings.


frayedattheedge said...

I love all these church buildings you have been sharing with us - but I'm not sure about that painting!

Karen said...

Anne: I think it is meant as a tourist draw. The frescoes that his brother-in-law did in Glendale Springs, NC brings busloads of tourists to the area and revitalized a dying village. It is rather over-the-top, but you know us Americans; bigger is better.