Thursday, September 15, 2011

Kapp's Mill, Dobson, NC

I think of these Saturday day trips as the equivalent of a photographer's scavenger hunt, especially when we are doing specific trips, i.e., barn quilts, scenic byways, historic architecture.

After we left Rockford, the scenic byway took us towards the Surry county seat of Dobson. Taking this particular route took us right by Kapp's Mill, a former gristmill on the Mitchell River. The mill was established in the 1820's and was operated by the Kapp family until the mid-20th century. According to Catherine Bisher's book on North Carolina historic architecture, there was also a general store (now converted to a private family residence), post office and blacksmith shop next to the mill. This is still considered on the best-preserved rural industrial complexes in the state.

The person who owns this property is trying to sell it and the original farmhouse, so if you would like to see the interior of the mill and the beautifully restored house, check out the photographs on Flickr.

Sigh. If I only had $399,000 and was independently wealthy (the commute to my job in Greensboro would be a killer) . . .


nursemyra said...

lovely house. did you play with the colours in the photo?

dinahmow said...

I looked at the Flickr photos. Very impressive and, given its locale, doesn't seem *terribly* expensive. Still too much for me, I'm afraid!

waves hello to the Nurse

Anyes said...

What a beautiful house even if the price tag is too high :-)

Carolina said...

Gorgeous building. I can fully understand your sighs about the financial issue. What a wonderful place to be living.

frayedattheedge said...

I've just had a look at the flickr photos - gorgeous, fabulous house! If I ever win an amazing amount of money on the lottery I will buy it for you (don't start packing, I think the most I have ever won was £70!!)

Lilli said...

What an amazing house, I can't imagine having that much space. Love how you can see straight through the house and into the wood on the 1st floor.

Wishing you a lovely weekend.

Karen said...

Nursemyra: I've started to use a circular polarizing filter on the camera. It does make the colors pop a bit, but if you look at the Flickr set, you'll see the mill is exactly that way.

Di: No, it isn't expensive for the house, mill and location. It is just expensive in my world.

Anyes: It is a gorgeous house. She certainly has an eye for interior design.

Carolina: It would be a perfect place for me *if* I were independently wealthy.

Anne: Shoot, buy it for you and Malcolm and I'll come to visit . . . frequently. Funny, I never think to play our state lottery. Maybe I should start.