Tuesday, September 6, 2011

St John's Episcopal Church, Williamsboro, NC

This past Saturday I decided to find the oldest church in North Carolina which is fortunately within driving distance of Greensboro. Actually I was looking for the oldest frame church in North Carolina as the oldest stone church exists on the coast, St. Thomas's Episcopal Church in Bath, far out of range of a day trip.

The oldest frame church is St. John's Episcopal Church, located near Williamsboro in Vance County. It was built in 1771, refurbished in 1821 after falling into disrepair and then restored to its original condition in the 1950's. It is no longer used for regular church services, but is open on Sundays throughout the summer and for special occasions as warranted by the parish.

As I missed out on the summer Sunday openings, I just wandered around the property admiring the building and looking at the tombstones in the small graveyard. The earliest burials were in the 1790's (of the tombstones that were readable) and the last one was in the 1990's.

I also took a picture of the hand-blown glass in the windows (original or replication? I have no idea) from the north side of the church. You can see through the windows the flags of the colonial era, albeit backwards.


Anyes said...

A trip back in time...Thank you Karen

Karen said...

Anyes: When I despair of ever going back to Europe to see all the wonderful old buildings, I remind myself that North Carolina has a lot of historic places to see, too.