Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunset Sunday

This week has brought us almost three inches of rain and according to the forecasters, it will continue to rain through the coming week. Great for our drought stricken county; not so great for my Internet connection which has a tendency to disappear when the rain and wind pick up. So this will be a short and quick post.

This was yesterday evening as one rainstorm was leaving and another was heading towards us from the south. I tried to capture, but couldn't, the rays of sunlight that had glimpses of green and purple in them. I shot this in 16:9 aspect ratio after reading that it was the best setting for landscapes. Gives it a bit of a panoramic feel.

As always on Sunday I am doing this in tandem with Anyes at Far Away in the Sunshine. Wonder what her evenings brought her?


Anyes said...

Karen, your skies are the best, no one comes close in my humble opinion.
I hope the storms of wind and rain will soon let out...I miss you :-)
Yesterday skies were crazy but there was only clouds to be seen so I chose a photograph taken by the beach in Vancouver.
Hugs to you

frayedattheedge said...

I'm glad that you are getting the rain you need, but sorry that it interferes with your internet connection! Fabulous sky!!

Karen said...

Anyes: It is still pretty hit or miss as far as my Internet. I was so frustrated yesterday, I just gave up after 30 minutes. More storms this week, so probaby litte connection.

Anne: I have one of those modem air cards which works off of cell phone towers. So when the weather is bad . . .