Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Barn Quilts in Old Fort, North Carolina

And more barn quilts along the Marion County Barn Quilt trail. These are located in the tiny village of Old Fort, home of the Andrews Geyser.  It is named Old Fort for the Revolutionary War fort that was once located here.

This quilt block is called Arrowheads in honor of the 14 foot rose granite arrowhead located next to the train depot which was built as a symbol of peace between the Cherokee and Catawba Indian tribes.

On the Mountain Gateway Museum, you'll find the Log Cabin quilt block.

And on the side of the Old Fort Mountain Music building, this quilt block has the appropriate name of Bluegrass Star.

A video shot inside of the Old Fort Mountain Music Friday get-togethers.

For my friends who think this would be a great idea for their areas, but are concerned there aren't barns or outbuildings to put them on, Old Fort is a good example that barn quilts can be put on any type of building from town hall to museum to commercial building.


Dartford Warbler said...

It`s good to see that an old tradition is surviving and being brought up to date.

Toffeeapple said...

Oh, Bluegrass music! Marvellous stuff.
I do enjoy your posts about the blocks.

One of the times I was in NC my sister-in-law took us to see the Cherokee drama - Unto These Hills, gosh what an experience - I was moved to tears.

Seems it has changed since I saw it in the mid 80s.

Karen said...

DW: It's like a game of Scavenger Hunt especially up in the mountains when you end up on tiny, twisty roads. But the prize is always a treat!

Toffeeapple: Things have changed so much in the almost 30 years since you where here in North Carolina. Think about coming back again sometime. There are so many wonderful new things to see and do here.