Saturday, July 28, 2012

Saturday Sunset, Greensboro, North Carolina

As ominous as this thunderhead looks, the storm that is producing it is actually to the south of Greensboro. No rain here at all.

The clouds caught the red from the setting sun and behind me, those clouds were a vivid purple.

And a lesson learned, too. Don't go into a freshly mowed field with just Birkenstocks on. I now have the scratches, scrapes and bug bites to go with the snapshot.


dinahmow said...

Once, when I teamed orange and purple in a wedding outfit, I was told I looked like a storm at sunset.I took it as a compliment.(Though I think it was intended otherwise!)

Matt Bennett said...

Beautiful Karen. Yeah, that was probably the storm that was over my house! Lots of rain, wind and lightning here in Asheboro. MB

Toffeeapple said...

Beautiful shot. Nature is so magnificent, don't you think? Glad that the storm passed by.

Rose L said...

Fiery sunset!!! wow!

Karen said...

Di: I like that color combination. I bet you looked fabulous.

Matt: Recently all our storms seem to split and go around Greensboro, so Rockingham and Randolph counties get the rain and we're left high and dry.

Toffeeapple: I wasn't planning on leaving the house Saturday (hot and humid and the AC is dead in my car), but as soon as I saw those clouds I knew I had to go and take snapshots.

Rose L: It certainly was. I wish I had gotten a good shot of the purple clouds, but it just wasn't to be.

Val said...

Lovely sunset ! I can identify with the Birkenstock comment. I've learned the hard way to wear running shoes and take a ski stick for help balancing.