Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Glen Alpine, North Carolina

Some of you may be familiar with The Hunger Games; either through reading the trilogy of books or seeing the movie. I'll be the first to admit I've done neither as my reading tastes lean more towards non-fiction.

The entire movie was filmed here in North Carolina. The scenes for District 12 were filmed down the road from this house in the tiny village of Hildebran 25 miles to the east. This house  wasn't part of the movie, but it is part of the textile history of North Carolina's mountains.

As far as I can figure out this was either the mill owner's house or the mill superintendent's house in Glen Alpine. The mill was built in 1915 and produced socks for many years until most of the North Carolina textile industry collapsed due to the massive influx of foreign made fabrics and clothing. While this house has languished and become uninhabitable, some smart person bought the mill and converted it into a tasting room for a nearby vineyard.


dinahmow said...

What a sad old ruin! Such a pity if it continues to crumble.I bet it could look beautiful, restored and furnished.

Toffeeapple said...

What a characterful house that is, such a shame that it has become so dilapidated.

Karen said...

Di: It would probably take so much money to bring it back to its original state and this is such a poverty-stricken part of the state, that it will probably just continue to deteriorate.

Toffeeapple: I would have loved to seen it in its heyday. I bet it was something.