Monday, July 2, 2012

Mitchell County, NC Barn Quilts

And here are more barn quilts that can be found right off the Blue Ridge Parkway. These are a part of the Mitchell County Barn Quilt trail:

This is Dream Ship on the Little Switzerland Book Store.

On the other end of the book store you can find Books and Coffee Cups quilt block.

And from an overlook on the Parkway you'll see the Apple Tree barn quilt on the side of the Altapass Orchard store. In the fall you can go and pick your own apples from their trees or buy them in the store. The weekend that we were up in the mountains, they must have been having a clogging class as I could hear the music and the sound of tap shoes.

Way too hot to go out this past weekend to take snapshots. The heat was in the triple digits, breaking all sorts of records along with some severe thunderstorms. We were lucky not to have been hit by the derecho that swept just north of us from Illinois to Washington, DC. 


Matt Bennett said...

Hey Karen,
I was just through this area about a month ago. The fog and mist made for poor visibility on the parkway, but the conditions were perfect to visit and photograph Crabtree Falls! Great spot!

I'm seeing more and more of these quilt blocks pop up around Randolph Cty. I hear ya on the weather this past w/e. I didn't venture out with my camera either.

Toffeeapple said...

I hadn't been aware of quilt names before, but those that you show here make perfect sense, thus teaching me something new.

Also the word derecho is a new one for me, so thank you, on both counts. I hope that your weather returns to normal very soon.

frayedattheedge said...

Another excellent collection of barn quilts. I hope your weather breaks soon and gives you some relief.

Karen said...

Matt: Thanks for directing me towards Randolph County and its barn quilt trail. My question is, why are they hiding this?

Toffeeapple: I get the feeling that perhaps some of the quilt names are made up and not traditional. I bet Anne over at Frayed at the Edge could tell us about that since she is a fabulous quilter.

Derecho was a new term for me too, but the one that come through north of us wreaked widespread damage. The weather people use it to describe a wind/rain storm of long duration as this one was - more than 600 miles from the start of the storm until the finish.

Anne: No rest for the wicked here in the American South. The weather forecast for Saturday is 103F.

Cathy at PotterJotter said...

I had not heard of Barn Quilts until a few months ago and was so amazed by them that I did a post about them. I would love to see some for real - we don't have them in England! xCathy