Monday, August 27, 2012

Gray Catbird

I lose a cat (Miss Mouse, RIP) and gain a catbird.

This gray catbird has not only built a nest and raised a brood in my Forest Pansy redbud in my small garden, but has decided to hang out and become a summer resident in the garden.

He allows me to get within arm's length before he takes off to a higher branch or the junipers next door. Not normally a visitor at the bird feeders, now that I have added a mixture that includes raisins, he will fly in and get a raisin and then perch contentedly in the redbud.

Soon he'll leave with the other gray catbirds and migrate down to Central America. But for now he joins the two other cats in the household.


dinahmow said...

Not the same as Australian catbirds. Not sure if the audio link will work for you, but worth trying.
Have not seen any here(Mackay), but suspect they go where there is more food, like wild figs etc.

rachel said...

Lovely. And Dinahmow's audio link worked for me - and got one sleeping tabby's ears bolt upright!

Tracey said...

Lovely, Lovely pictures & blog :-)

Toffeeapple said...

That's a pretty creature. Dinahmow's Green Catbird is so different from your grey one.

Rose L said...

Good snapshot of him!