Monday, August 6, 2012

Whirlwind Flag Barn Quilt, Randolph County, North Carolina

In the past when I've gone to look for barn quilts, it has meant a two hour or longer drive up to the mountains. But thanks to a new blogger friend (shout out to Matt. Go check his blog over at The, I found out that there has been a barn quilt trail in neighboring Randolph County of 29 barn quilts.

I made a plan to drive the northeast quadrant of Randolph County to take snapshots of five or six of these barn quilts. Unlike the large and professionally created quilts you find up in the mountains, these are much smaller and more handmade.

This barn quilt is called Whirlwind Flag and you'll find it on the dairy goat barn at Rising Meadow. You'll also find friendly Nubian goats, too.

You'll also notice these photos look different than my normal postings. Thanks again to Matt who put me onto the iPhone app called "Simply HDR". It's a fun app to add HDR to your snapshots. I'm not a big Instagram fan (even though I have it on my iPhone). I found that I can email the snapshots that I take with the Panasonic to my phone, run it through the app and then email it back again. Time consuming and I'll only do it occasionally and let you all know when they're rendered HDR.


Val said...

Hi Karen, thanks very much for your lovely comments. How about joining us at The Passionate Observer ?
How exciting to discover a new quilt trail closer to you and a very clever way of getting HDR pix from phone to blog. I find it so easy to make pix look stunning with the phone apps and not half as easy with Elements.
Love the expression on the goat's face, very meek and mild although you can't help feeling that some mischief lurks behind those eyes!

frayedattheedge said...

Love the quilt and the old barn (I want one!!) You lost me completely with the techie stuff about photos ...... mine go from the camera to the laptop via a usb cable, then the most I do is crop them!! My phone makes calls and sends texts, so no apps for me!!