Monday, April 2, 2012

Virginia Strawberry Flowers

You know it is spring when you see these blooming - Virginia or wild strawberries. I found this up in the Sauratown Mountains on our day trip on Sunday.

The Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center says this is the best and sweetest tasting of all the wild strawberries. The center portion (receptacle) of the flower will enlarge over the next few weeks with the edible fruit that we recognize as a strawberry. Cultivated strawberries come from the Virginia strawberry and a wild strawberry from South America.

The ant was just a surprise bonus.


Clik said...

Hello Karen!

Is beautiful flowers!

Have a good week!


Anne said...

I hadn't noticed the ant until you mentiooned it!! Beautiful photo!

Anyes said...

The ant is the icing on the strawberry ;-)

Karen said...

Clik: Thank you and you have a wonderful week too.

Anne: I certainly didn't see it in the viewfinder when I shot the picture. I only saw it once I downloaded it to the computer. Kind of a fillip to the photo, I think.

Anyes: Well, icing is not quite a word that I'd use for the ant . . .