Sunday, April 8, 2012

Moratock Iron Forge, Danbury, North Carolina

Moratock Iron Forge is one of only two still existing forced blast iron smelting furnaces from the mid-1800's here in North Carolina. This is in the tiny village of Danbury and is now part of a city park on the edge of town.

Much bigger than it looks here, it is 28 feet tall, 28 feet wide at the base, narrowing to 26 feet at the top. The iron that was forged here was loaded onto flat boats on the Dan River (which is just behind me from where I stood to take this snapshot) and then floated up the river to Danville, Virginia some 60 miles to the north. It supplied iron to the Confederacy during the Civil War until General Stoneman's federal troops shut it down in 1865. After the war, it only operated intermittently until it finally closed in the 1890's.

It is now not only part of a city park, but a stop along the Civil War Trail.


Billy Jones said...

I first saw that while taking a break from canoeing the river.

Karen said...

Billy: While I was there, two canoers (canoists?) were setting up to go in the Dan River. I, however, questioned the beer cans in hand and lack of life vests, but guess they came back alive as nothing came across the local news.