Sunday, April 29, 2012

Gray Catbird

(Sorry for the long silence. Sick with a cold that I just couldn't shake).

I kept hearing a bird song the past few days that I hadn't heard before . I went out on the patio to see if I could find the bird who was singing this very long song (went on and on for about ten minutes without let up) and found him up in the crepe myrtle next door. I went back in the house to get my camera to take a picture to identify him, but was positive that he would be gone when I came back or would fly off as soon as I came close to take a snapshot.

Surprisingly, he didn't take off and in fact, flew to the fence while I kept taking photos and then on to the birdbath.

And I went off to the bird books to figure out what this bird was as I hadn't seen it before in the small garden. It is a Gray Catbird, a smaller cousin to the Northern Mockingbird who occasionally comes to my bird feeders. It tends to be quite shy and solitary which is why I hadn't seen it before.

There's a nest in the crepe myrtle next door, so I will probably have more visits from my new visitor.


Scrappy Grams said...

did he sounds like a cat? I'm not being facetious, I've thought I've heard a sound like that (knew it wasn't a cat), but I've never been able to spot the bird.
BTW, I hate proving I'm not a robot. These are so hard for me to read.

Karen said...

SG: I didn't realize that the word verification was turned on. It's off now.

No, he didn't sound like a cat, but the reason it's called a catbird is due to a mewing call that they can produce. It was the song that went on forever that started the search.

Carolina said...

How odd to be named after your greatest enemy. But it is a beautiful bird and how wonderful you have a nest. Exciting :-)

Billy Jones said...

I saw a Gray Catbird eating a mulberry in my garden last week. I don't believe I've seen one before. Sure was a noisy little thing. I didn't know what it was until now. Thanks.

Karen said...

Carolina: As Scrappy Grams said, one of the calls is similar (or so they say) to a cat's meow. I haven't heard that and my cats haven't acted like they've heard an outside cat.

Billy: You're lucky to have seen one this year. I know people in the Piedmont Bird Club who have looked all spring and haven't seen one up close yet. I love the song.