Thursday, April 5, 2012

R. W. George's Mill, Stokes County, NC

After lunch, we continued through the Sauratown Mountains towards the tiny village of Danbury. On the way, on one of those blind curves, we came upon this old mill and so I pulled off the road and walked back to take a picture.

This is why I love the Internet (even if sometimes the information is not quite right . . .). I found a website that lists all the National Register for Historic Places North Carolina sites which links to the nominating documents (when possible) of that site. I did a little calculation of the registered sites and there are probably close to a thousand. Lots of snapshot opportunities!

Anyway, this mill is on the register and the nominating documents gave me a lot of information about it. It was built in 1880 by Robert George who at that time was the richest man in Stokes County along with being a Presbyterian minister. For many years it was a grist mill grinding corn for the local community. But during World War II, it became a small textile mill producing fabric for parachutes. At that time, the overshot waterwheel was removed and a three-story turbine house was built.

It was then abandoned after the war until a developer bought it and restored the building. They in turn sold it to a man who once worked for Disney Movie studios as an inker (or cartoonist, I'm not quite sure) who wanted to return to North Carolina. He finished remodeling it and used it as both his workplace and his living space. Now it is up for sale and if you click this link, you can see photos of the inside:


dinahmow said...

As your page loaded I thought "Ooh, this would make a great studio!"
And I was right!

Karen said...

Di: From what I can tell from the photos, he's converted it into just two large rooms - one upstairs and one downstairs. But it would be a wonderful studio. Are you interested?