Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sunday Sunset

What a frustrating week this has been. I use an USB modem to connect to the Internet and for the entire week, it would connect and then drop after 30 seconds, connect and drop, and so forth, leaving me without a dependable Internet connection for four days. I had long discussions with the Internet provider (I hate dealing with call centers overseas . . .) with fixes that wouldn't resolve the problem and requiring more fruitless phone calls.

I don't know if one of the fixes that was pushed through from the provider's end finally solved it, but I have had a whole day of Internet connection without any drops. So back to blogging!

For today's Sunday Sunset photo, I stopped on the side of the road on my way home from work to take this shot. I didn't quite catch the pink and blues of the cloud overhead, but it certainly was a breathtaking sky that evening.

I'm doing this in conjunction with Anyes over at Far Away in the Sunshine. Go see what she saw on the other side of the continent.


frayedattheedge said...

It is so frustrating when there are internet problems! We could actually reduce our monthly bill by switching to another provider, but I can't face the trauma of it all!!
Anyway, I am so glad you were able to post this stunning photo .... I think you should see if a publisher would be interested in a collection of your amazing sky photos.

ann said...

Breathtaking sky indeed, love the colours, just right for this time of year..
Hope you have a happier week leading up to christmas

Anyes said...

Your skies are always full of personality, Karen. I am glad you are back oblogging, I was wondering what happened to you.
Good luck :-)

Karen said...

Anne: And I'm still having problems uploading photos. I am so frustrated! I could switch providers, but like you the problems involved with doing that would be ten times more than trying to get this fixed.

Ann: With all the storms coming through from the Midwest, it brings such interesting clouds and colors to the North Carolina Piedmont. Fortunately I have been out and about to catch these changing scenes.

Anyes: Well as long as the blogging is just text and not photos. Keep your fingers crossed that we can get the problem solved soon.

Val said...

A beautiful sunset shot, Karen, and I do hope that the internet problem is resolved soon.
Best wishes for a happy Christmas and New Year.

Anyes said...

I keep hoping your internet problems will be resolved soon. Thinking of you in this holiday season :-)

Dan said...

Lovely picture Karen. Nice to know it's not just us here in the UK who have overseas call centres! Hope the problem has now been resolved.
All the best for 2012!